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Precision parts are high value products that are easy to be overlooked. At present, consumer electronic functions continue to innovate. And the product design tends to be thin and artistic. Therefore, the demand for precision components in the electronic industry continues to increase.

1. Small CNC electronic parts, big functions

Firstly, high precision machined electronic components are mainly die-cut and small metal parts. They play the role of glue, insulation, heat dissipation, shielding, and support. These CNC machined parts have a small size, hidden location. So users tend to ignore them. But people in the electronic industry all know, they play an essential role in consumer electronic devices.

Secondly, the “big function” of CNC electronics parts mainly includes two points. One is function realization, and the other is its structural design. Now, consumer electronics products are becoming more functional and integrated. As a result, the value of high precision CNC machining parts will continue to enhance.

Thirdly, terminal brands such as Apple pay more attention to electronic parts machining. It is due to the increasing difficulty of the functional and structural design. As we all know, iPhone X is the most complicated mobile phone ever. It requires the close cooperation of high precision machining electronic components suppliers. So they can provide cost effective solutions and support. And it brings the highlight of the value of highly precise CNC electronics parts.

electronic parts machining

2. Advantages of CNC machining electronic parts

Using precision CNC machining for electronics parts has many benefits. First of all, it reduces the impact on processing accuracy caused by multiple clamping. The machining precision of CNC electronic parts is guaranteed by CNC machines, without manual intervention. As a result, it reduces the labor intensity of personnel. Besides, it eliminates the impact of human error on product processing. So, it is especially suitable for large production runs that do not require high operating skills. Also, it shows the advantages of CNC machine tool automatic processing.

Traditional processing work in the electronics industry is tedious. Operators have to adjust the machining electronic components in production runs frequently. And it costs much time, or even delay the lead time. The stainless steel part shuttles back and forth between a wide variety of processes. It not only has a long cycle but also increases the waiting time. Thus, the traditional processing of electronics parts has low capacity and high cost. Even more, it affects the production site management. However, CNC machining provides high precision and stable quality of machined electronic components. Because CNC controllers do most of the work, which also reduces the requirements for operators.

Nowadays, CNC electronic components use group processing technology. MLS precision machining company designs group processing for similar parts and produces them. Then control and balance the group CNC machine tool load, optimize group processing time. And finally complete a series of processes from group design, producing to management. In the end, an expanded group mass production method is used to improve efficiency.

CNC electronic parts

3. Connector mold parts manufacturing

As a window for transmitting signals, connectors have been used in a wide range of industries. For example, mobile phones, computers, home appliances and other fields. Metal and plastic connector mold plays a very huge role in the telecom industry. It is one of the indispensable parts when making a wide variety of electronic devices. Therefore, we must also attach great importance to the production of connector molds.

Connector mold parts are the general term of metal parts used for die casting, injection mold and plastic connector mold. First of all, there should be no problems with the quality of mold parts. Otherwise, it will affect the overall use and production runs. So how to choose a connector mold processing factory to ensure smooth production?

3.1 Professional product design drawing

The use of connector molds is vital in communication industry. According to the different roles of connectors, there are injection mold, die casting mold, stamping die, plastic connector mold, and so on. To ensure the high quality, you need to pay more attention to choosing the precision mould part manufacturer. They need to have a high level of mold design. Due to the wide range of terminal shapes, connectors have different structures. So how to make a reasonable design is crucial. It directly determines whether the product is qualified.

3.2 High precision equipment

CNC machined parts in the electronics industry always have tight tolerances. And they have many materials to choose from, such as stainless steel, mold steel, metal alloy, and so on. If you want to make all kinds of parts smoothly, then the necessary equipment is essential. So when producing high quality connector mold parts, the supplier should have high precision CNC machines. This is the requirement of connector terminals, which have tight tolerances. In general, the precision of CNC machines is required to be ±0.002mm.

3.3 Excellent production technology

How to make sure of the smooth production of molds? It’s not enough to only rely on the design drawing and professional equipment. Precision CNC machining still needs expert staff’s operation with rich experience. Under the support of machine tools, it can enhance the producing efficiency of connecter mold parts and ensure their lead time.

Connector mold parts produced by MLS Mold

precision machined parts
precision machined parts

4. Electronic parts machining prospects

4.1 Continuous terminal innovation

Smartphone innovation drives the increasing demand for machining electronic parts. And its upgrade of OLED, wireless charging, and waterproof causes the growth of precision CNC electronic components quantity and price. Nowadays, the product design of electronic devices turns to be thin and artistic. Furthermore, the parts tendency of multiple materials composition promotes the precision functional components value. Auto electronics, smart wear, home products, and other new hardware is expected to usher in the outbreak. And machining electronic parts suppliers will continue to benefit.

4.2 Strong rising China manufacturers

In the electronic parts machining industry, it has a distinct feature of highly customized. Scheme design and fast matching ability become the core competitiveness of precision components company. Now, China suppliers have sharply risen in making highly precise machining electronic components. On the one hand, they deeply cooperate with famous brands in function and structure design. Also, accumulating the leading scheme design ability in this process. One the other hand, China suppliers have rapid cooperation ability and cost effective solutions. So, they gradually increase the share in the electronic industry.