The CNC lathe can process the shape of a complex rotating body. CNC milling is to fix the blank, and use a high speed rotating cutting tool to handle. It removes material and cuts the blank raw material into the desired shape, size and features in CAD files. In general, CNC machine shop uses traditional milling machines to make metal and plastic parts with simple shape features. And they use a CNC milling machine to produce components with complex dimension and features.

The milling and boring machining centers can perform three-axis or 5-axis CNC processing. We mainly use them for making molds, inspection tools, tires, thin-walled complex curved surfaces, artificial prostheses. The raw material of CNC milled parts includes plastic and metal, such as ABS, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium and so on. When selecting CNC milling content, we should give full play to the advantages and the crucial role of CNC milling machines.

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CNC milling service

Custom CNC milling process introduction

CNC Milling service is a common metal cold processing method. It usually uses raw materials such as aluminium, copper, brass, stainless steel, and plastic parts. Unlike CNC turning parts, during the milling, the cutting tool rotates at high speed under the drive of the spindle and removes material. But the CNC machined parts are in relatively quiet status. Turning and milling are used to produce not only finished products but also tooling for injection molding and die casting.

The difference between CNC turning and milling machining processes:

When using CNC turning to make machined parts, we clamp them on the machine tool spindle and rotate at high speed. Then, cutting tools follows the bus of the rotary body, and cut out the product appearance by removing material. The lathe can also make surface finishes and process inner holes, threads, and biting flowers. And the latter two are low-speed machining processes.

Milling machining object

(1) Flat machined part

The characteristic of machine parts is that the processing surface can be parallel or perpendicular to the horizontal plane. Moreover, it can also form a fixed angle with the included angle of the horizontal plane. The vast majority of custom parts processed on CNC milling machines belong to flat parts.

Flat machine parts are the simplest in custom CNC milling service. Generally, only two-axis linkage or three-axis linkage of a three-axis CNC milling machine can be used for processing. During the custom CNC machining service, the machined face is in area contact with the cutting tool. Both rough and precision surface finishes can use a wide variety of cutting tools, like end mills or bullnose knives.

(2) Curved machined part

If you send us a 3D CAD file and want to make curved machine products, that’s also available. The characteristic of curved custom parts is that the processing area is spatially curved. During the CNC manufacturing processes, the machining surface and the milling cutter are always in point contact. Besides, CNC milling parts manufacturers always use ball-end milling cutting tools to make a precision surface finish.

custom cnc milling

Milling service features

Removing material by using the rotary motion of a wide variety of cutting tools is the core of CNC milling service. It is also the basic difference between CNC turning and it. And its other features include as follows.

Ordinary milling parts

First of all, a precision machining company uses cutting tools with multiple blades to process. They rotate to cut raw materials and shape CNC milled part. The tool has an excellent cooling effect and high durability.

Secondly, the milling process has high volume production efficiency and a wide processing range. Using a variety of cutting tools on an ordinary milling machine can complete machining planes, steps, grooves, special-shaped surface and other processing tasks. Also, it can be used with the indexing head and other milling machine accessories. Then, they can make milled parts such as spline shafts, spiral shafts, and tooth clutches.

Thirdly, CNC milled parts have high processing accuracy. No matter it is economical or precision machining, the accuracy and surface finish roughness of manufactured part are excellent. Due to these features, when there is a complicated CNC machining design part, such as mold parts, precision components manufacturers always choose milling. And it occupies a vital position in industries of mold manufacturing. With the rapid development of CNC machining service, the role of milling in mechanical processing is becoming more and more critical. Especially in making various unique shape curved surfaces, it has advantages that other methods can’t match. At present, in the 5-axis CNC machining centers, it is even possible to complete the copying and processing of the whole artwork continuously with high efficiency.

CNC milling parts

CNC milling parts have not only the features of ordinary milled parts but also these following.

CNC milling parts

Flexible machining processes

The adaptability and flexibility of CNC machined parts processing are excellent. So, custom machine shop manufactured part which is difficult to control dimensions or has particularly complicated contour shapes. Precision mold parts and shell parts are among them. Also, CNC machines can make custom CNC parts which are difficult for other ordinary machine tool. For example, they include complex curve parts described by mathematical models, and hook face parts designed with a 3D CAD file. Also, it makes CNC milled part that needs to be processed in multiple procedures after one clamping and positioning.

High processing accuracy

This CNC machining service has high processing accuracy, stable and reliable quality. In general, the pulse equivalent of the computer numerical control CNC machines is 0.001mm. And the high precision system can reach 0.1μm and make machine products with tight tolerances. Besides, CNC machining services are operated by custom machine, which avoids running errors by a human. Of course, the high level of automation for high volumes manufacturing can reduce the labor intensity of the operator. Thus, it’s conducive to rapid prototyping and production management automation.

High volume production efficiency

In general, CNC milling machines do not require special process equipment such as unique fixtures. When changing the manufactured part, your manufacturing partners only need two steps. Call the machining program stored in the numerical control device, the clamping tool and adjust the tool data. Therefore, it greatly shortens the volume production cycle and lead time. Also, the CNC milling machine has the functions of milling, boring and drilling. It makes the manufacturing processes highly concentrated and significantly improves production efficiency.

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