Medical Industry

With the development of health care, products in the medical industry are rapidly updating and iterating. It has played a vital role in overcoming one problem after another in medicine. As we all know, medical products need precise dimensions, authentic materials, and special surface finishes. MLS is state of the art and has high precision machining capability. We have long provided CNC machining services including turning, milling, grinding, and wire EDM for the medical industry. We have rich experience in its processing and assembly. MLS helps more and more customers who need machining medical precision parts. We provide solution of delivery, quality of products, and small-batch production. CNC machining is one of the commonly used processing techniques for medical devices. It can help you realize your design products faster and more comprehensively.

medical cnc machining

1. Which Parts of Medical Equipment Can Be Directly Processed?

When using precision CNC machining to process a medical device, we need to consider a wide range of factors according to the use environment. They include the sealing, magnetism, hardness, and other physical properties of the machining medical precision  parts. And the high quality metal medical components made by MLS precision machining company is widely used. For example, bioreactors, incubators, biochemical incubators, carbon dioxide incubators, circulating cooling water machines, air compressors commonly used in biomedical laboratories. They include cell disruptors, blood cell analyzers, high-pressure homogenizers, freeze dryer, spray dryer, centrifugal concentrator, biochemical analyzer, and so on. For simple parts, normal turning and milling are enough. But for complex and precision components, we also have multi axis machining capability to meet you.

We provide a series of high precision machining service from processing to surface finishes and assembly. You don’t need to worry about the assembling of the finished product. And the only need is to provide the design drawings and precision medical parts requirements form. Then, MLS will begin the medical machining and finish it according to them. And customers inspect the high precision medical parts before shipment.

2. What Molds and Mold Parts of A Medical Device Can Be Processed?

The primary conditions for continuously improving medical science and technology are also a vital sign of the degree of modernization. Medical equipment has become an essential field of modern medicine. The development of medical treatment largely depends on the development of instruments.

As we all know, the medical manufacturer experiences a long process from the research, development, prototype, and high volume production of a device. To make some plastic medical parts in medical devices, we should design the mold first and then make the molded product. For example, diagnostic facilities include electrograph, EEG, EMG, CT scan, MRI, and B-ultrasound. Then, the treatment equipment consists of a ventilator, anesthesia machine, and laser treatment machine. And there is ordinary household equipment, including a stethoscope, sphygmomanometer, blood glucose tester, and electronic clinical thermometer.

For all plastic parts on these devices, the medical manufacturer first needs to develop injection molds. Then, take the corresponding supplier to produce high quality machining medical parts according to their material requirements. For high volume production, some parts of plastic molds will be worn out. And MLS Mold provides them to ensure the standard output. When producing precision medical mold parts, we always use CNC machining including milling, grinding, wire EDM, and so on.

medical precision components
medical machining

3. Medical Machining Parts Materials

MLS provides customers with a variety of medical machining parts for a long time. So far, our medical CNC machine shop has processed a wide range of materials include 475 kinds. And we have a spectrum analyzer to detect the raw materials of each product to ensure the authenticity. Based on our medical manufacturing experience, there are a wide variety of medical parts materials you can choose. These materials include aluminum alloy, stainless steel, titanium alloy, magnesium alloy, copper, POM, Teflon, PC, acrylic, and so on. If you do not know the material of medical components, please tell us your requirements. Engineers in MLS medical CNC machine shops will provide the state of the art suggestions according to your needs and standards.

4. Surface Treatments for Machining Medical Parts

There are many surface finishes for biomedical equipment. But are you worried that the dimensions made by CNC machining process are accurate? Will you worry that the size of the products sent to the surface treatment will be biased, which does not meet your needs? The engineering team of the MLS CNC machining center has many years of rich medical machined parts manufacturing experience. They learned that precision medical parts requiring electroplating might cause a tolerance of 0.01mm, powder spraying, and painting, which usually causes a tolerance of about 0.05-0.2mm. So, the engineer will reserve the corresponding margin in advance to ensure that it meets your requirements. The surface finishes commonly used by our customers include anodizing, electroplating, powder spraying, painting, laser carving, spraying Teflon, silkscreen, and polishing.

5. Medical Machining Parts Cases Study

This product is a precision machined part of the medical device made of 316L stainless steel. During this therapeutic producing, we adopt the precision machining including CNC turning and milling. By using cutting tools, we remove the material and shape the medical machining parts. But these parts have the features of high material hardness, high precision requirements, and high surface finish requirements. So, it adds much difficulty in the medical manufacturing process. And the cutting tool is the CNC cutting machine with strong rigidity.

medical machining parts
machining medical parts

Made of SUS316L, the machining precision medical parts require high concentricity and small taper tolerance. Besides, the side holes and cross holes all use precision machining service. For this kind of product, medical CNC machine shops always make multi axis machining. So after using CNC cutting tools, we process them on 4-axis CNC machine tools. This medical component has a very high requirement of surface smoothness. And the product protection during processing is significant.

This product is a precision machined parts of  medical devices the face mask machine, uses CNC machine tools and made of aluminum alloy. Its requirements include ±0.01mm accuracy, 0.005mm coaxiality, and 0.003mm perpendicularity. And surface finishes include black oxidation, anodic oxidation, and laser carving. As we all know, all parts of the automatic face mask machine must be accurate. In this way, it is possible to ensure the anastomosis between components and maintain the normal operation of the entire machine. Also, it ensures a smooth operation from raw materials to mask shaping and packing without manual operation.

medical precision parts