Who We Are

MLS mold Co., Ltd is a Sino-Japanese joint precision components company. We specialize in making precision machined components, CNC Machining, stamping mold parts, metal fabrication, and other relative custom precision components. In these precision machining industries, the rich experience and machining technology brought with Japanese professional specialists comes to the company. For now, all our skiller and executive have the diligence of Chinese people and the preciseness of Japanese culture. “Trust & Quality” is the slogan that leads all of us precision components manufacturers dealing with every detail.
The precision components company has a manufacturing facility located in Dongguan, city of the export manufacturing base in China. As a small but strong precision manufacturer, our skilled team provides value engineering, attentive and professional cooperation. Our customer service includes design & prototyping, precision component manufacturing, delivery, and after-sale. And our quality system meets or exceeds the industry standards. Precision components our machining centers make has tight tolerances of ±0.002mm. MLS precision components company builds on high quality and integrity. And we believe this concentration will also benefit both parties. Besides, it helps us get the reward of trust from each other.

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What We Do As a Precision Components Manufacture

CNC machining, Lathe, CNC Turning & Milling, Punching & Cutting for precision mechanical components.
– Grinding & PG machining, EDM / Wire EDM.
– Precision Machining Products, Connector Mold Parts, Precision Stamping Die Parts, Custom Circular Parts, and Standard Mold Spare Parts. We can produce all these precision components under the guidance of our engineers.
We have many manufacturing facilities to make a wide range of precision components. For example, CNC turning and milling machines, grinders, lathes, bench drilling machines, wire EDM, and so on. MLS as a precision components manufacture uses state of the art CNC programming and machine tools to produce the custom precision component. Our professional engineers are dedicated to development, programming, manufacturing, fixture design and secondary services. They are always able to choose suitable processes and machining operations, work out the cost, and time-effective products with high-quality demands.

Why Chose MLS As Your Precision Components Manufacture?

Timely Communication:

Choosing MLS, you will get a quick response and easy communication. Because we have a great English-speaking team, who are familiar with precision component manufacturing terms and industries. They will provide customer service online; reply to your email or phone call within 12 hours.

Efficient Quotation:

When you need a quote from us, please click any contact us,our online team will get in touch with you. Please provide two copies of the documents. One is the drawing of products; the other one is the RFQ list. We will sign the agreement of confidentiality and non-disclosure to you. Our costing team will provide you a competitive price accordingly.

Technique Service:

Both of pre-sales and after-sales which we support customers. We offer our best manufacturing processes, prices, and value engineering support. If you double with the parts material, stainless steel or plastic, or don’t know how to make it more fit your equipment, our engineers will provide a detailed plan for your reference.

1. Make automatic jigs as your mind.
2. Non-standard items, we provide quality machined products design and manufacturing process.
3. Professional engineering considers improving in the precision manufacturing process from low quantity to large quantity production runs.
4. For big precision components or parts, we also provide assembly working.
5. A professional team with rich experience provides all-round technique support and auxiliary services.
6. Various materials are available for multiple demands, aluminum, brass/bronze, stainless steel, titanium, and so on.
7. We are always passionate and active, no matter whether you are a regular customer or newcomer, just looking for technical support or needs.
8. Suitable for various industries applications. For example, auto, medical, aerospace, and electronic industry.

Please feel free to contact us!

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Strict Testing and Quality Control

MLS machine products company holds a lab testing room. It has full set testing and quality checking equipment for precision machined products. And all the QC staffs have to pass the examination after one month of training.

Lab Testing:

Most of the equipment in the lab is imported from abroad. And we strictly follow the process to make the maintenance.
Measurement of the exact data of production:
For machine products data of length, width, thickness, inner diameter, diameter and groove width, we have TESA 700, which made in Switzerland.
These more precision date, we also imported the Mitutoyo Micrometer and Nikon 100 Altimeter to do further testing.
For 2D dimensions like the plane, step, depth, and so on, we use image measurement apparatus made in Taiwan.

After the instrument measurements, we will double-check with Physical inspection which carrying on the material object examination.
Difference sizes of holes gauges to fit the dimensions of the actual holes:
machined products company
Difference sizes of block gauges to fit the dimensions of the actual grooves:
machined products company

Guangdong MLS Precision Mould Co.,ltd Quality Policy

Precision components manufacturers execute a strict quality control system from the raw material incoming, manufacturing process to finished machine products shipment. Our professional team dedicated to providing high quality products and services to customers.
Below are our main quality inspection items in the whole production process.
Material incoming: 100% inspection
Rough Finished: 100% inspection
Heat treatment: random inspection
Face grinding: 100% inspection
Center-less cylindrical grinding: 100% inspection
OD/ID grinding: 100% inspection
EDM: 100% inspection
Wire-Cutting: 100% inspection
Packing: the final 100% inspection before shipment

Property Right Protection

The laser machine will mark your production by laser any logo or words that you want before it ships out of our factory. What should we laser, please confirm with us before this process.

We will never share your designs and crafts with others, and we fully understand how important the original designs and crafts means to every individual and company.

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