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    Finishes & Packaging

    Precision machining companies make products that have a variety of materials and functions. They can use raw materials like steel, plastic, copper, aluminum, and so on. It helps to make machining products that need an elegant surface and very tight tolerances. Based on different materials, molding process, visual properties, and applications. We apply corresponding post-processing and finishing method to improve the production tooling and part. MLS precision manufacturer provides the most suitable surface finishes per your product need. You can also select the proper method from below commonly used finishes treatments.

    Machining Capabilities of Finish Method:

    – Remain As Machined
    – Sandpaper Grinding
    – Bead Blast
    – Polishing
    – Anodic Oxidation
    – Plating
    – DLC(Diamond Like Carbon)
    – QPQ/ Nitrogen Treatment
    – Custom Finishes
    The precision molding process of finishing treatment is not only presented by the treatment method. Also, the molds material affects it. Technical staff must have good engineering experience and very deep knowledge of the precision injection molding parts and materials. So they make suitable decisions of the finish method and process control of precision molding components.

    CNC turning and milling components

    Precision Mold Introduction and Comparison of QPQ Treatment & Nitriding Treatment

    precision mold
    1. Color.The precision machining part after QPQ has a black uniform appearance. However, with the nitriding treatment, it has an off-white appearance.
    2. Wear resistance. The same material has the same hardness after QPQ treatment or nitriding treatment. Compared with nitriding, plastic injection molds after QPQ treatment has better wear resistance.
    3. Rust resistance. Injection molding components after QPQ treatment has better rust resistance than that of nitriding treatment.

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    Nitriding Treatment:

    Nitriding treatment refers to a chemical by heat treatment process in which nitrogen atom penetrates the surface of the workpiece in a certain medium and at a specific temperature. We should make the mold temperature control during this precision manufacturing process. And the nitriding precision molds have excellent resistance properties of wear, fatigue, corrosion, and high temperature.
    Iron metal is the manufacturing material used for nitriding treatment. The surface hardness after nitriding is higher if it contains elements Al, Cr, Mo and Ti. And the more gold it contains, the slighter of the nitriding depth will be. Such as carbon steel Hv 350 ~ 650, stainless steel Hv1000 ~ 1200, and nitriding steel Hv 800 ~ 1100.

    Precision mold components

    Nitriding is suitable for wear and fatigue resistant auto parts, sewing machines, cameras. Such as cylinder liner treatment, valve treatment, piston barrel treatment. And the high precision moldings is not easy to deform.

    QPQ Processing

    “QPQ” is the short name of “Quench – Polish-Quench”, which is a new metal surface modification technology. It is called QPQ salt bath compound treatment technology. And the product is after the treatment to meet the country’s national environmental protection department needs.
    QPQ salt bath composite treatment technology can greatly improve the surface wear and corrosion resistance of plastic parts mold. And the precision molds almost have no deformation.
    The invention is a new metal surface strengthening modification technology. It realizes the combination of nitriding and oxidation process, the complex of nitrides and oxides. Also, it combines the wear and corrosion resistance, heat treatment, and anti-corrosion technology.
    high precision molding

    The wear resistance of medium carbon steel can reach 30 times of conventional quenching, 14 times of low carbon steel carburizing and quenching. Also, it’s 2.8 times of ionic nitriding, 2.1 times of the hard chromium plating, when these after QPQ treatment.
    After it, the corrosion resistance of medium carbon steel is 20 times higher than that of hard chromium plating. Besides, it is much higher than that of nickel plating.
    The level of cu-ni-cr three-layer composite plating is even higher than the corrosion resistance of some stainless steels. The metal surface wears resistance and corrosion resistance also higher than conventional heating.
    Treatment and surface anti-corrosion technology has been improved tenfold when using QPQ, such as General Electric, Volkswagen, Mercedes-benz, and other famous multinational companies. Also, well-known machinery manufacturing enterprises have adopted the core pollution-free formula of the technology.

    The Application of QPQ Process

    QPQ has a wide range of applications, such as high-speed steel cutting tools, auto parts, sports equipment, and many different parts. Also, a precision manufacturing company uses it to make die casting mold, injection mold, extrusion mold, rubber mold, glass mold and so on. It can improve the service life of molds and the surface finish quality of precision molding parts.

    high precision molding

    Main Features of QPQ Processing:

    1. Wear resistance.
    The wear resistance of QPQ treatment is mainly manifested in the wear resistance of the compound layer.
    The layer is only about 0.02mm. Although the compound layer is relatively shallow. Its wear resistance is many times higher than that of ordinary quenching, and high-frequency heat treatment.
    For the plastic parts mold with high precision requirements, the compound layer will be scrapped if it is worn out. So it is quite necessary to do QPQ treatment for this kind of precision manufacturing workpiece.
    2. Rust resistance.
    A dense oxide film with hardness is formed on the surface of the workpiece after QPQ treatment.
    3. High-temperature resistance.
    The CNC milling workpiece after QPQ treatment can withstand the high temperature of about 400℃. And it can solve the rust protection of many workpieces when working at high temperature performance.
    4. Fatigue resistance.
    QPQ precision manufacturing workpiece has excellent fatigue resistance.

    Precision Mold Custom Packaging

    As a premium high precision molding supplier, MLS supply different kind machinery parts and precise mold components. It meets oversea customer requirements. They are from America, Europe, and also eastern countries like Japan. The package is very important to ensure the features and quality of precision mouldings. No matter how much afford we have made previously, improper or poor-quality packaging, inattention operation as well, both will cause a bad result on the received products. Also, it costs extra time and money from both customers and precision companies.
    MLS precision manufacturing company is very strict on the quality assurance and packaging operation. Also, we give strong and reliable customer service, including mold maintenance. Make sure the plastic injection molding parts delivered with a fine shape and performance. Even after and long-distance and variety transportation conditions.

    precision manufacturing company
    precision manufacturing company

    MLS Solution

    – MLS developes unique packaging cells for CNC machining parts with different shapes and sizes.
    – Proper insert also available to keep the strange shaped products without moving and extracting.
    – Obvious remarks on both inner box and out cases to make sure relative workers operated properly during transportation.
    – Detailed and comprehensive instruction along with the products. So, customers can easily operate any components requiring assembly after delivery.
    Besides, our after-service team is always standing by. If there are any doubt and help regarding assembling, maintaining, and repairing as well, please contact us.
    – Each order also receives customized packaging instructions from the customer. Before shipping, precision manufacturing company check all products with the condition of the packaging discussion and confirm in advance.

    precision manufacturing company
    precision manufacturing company
    MLS precision machining company does it right at first hand, and the customer will NEVER DISAPPOINT on receiving the desired products. Even the most intricate precision machinery parts and components will maintain the fine appearance with tight tolerance after a long cross country transportation.