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Precision CNC Turning and CNC Turned Parts Manufacture In China


    CNC Turning- CNC Turned Parts Manufacturing

    CNC turning is commonly produce cylindrical components with high precision and accuracy.It is a machining process which use the computer numerical control machines.During the CNC turning process, a high-speed rotated chuck hold in the material ,while a cutting tool remove out the material from a rotating work-piece.At the MLS Turning Center, experienced engineers program the turret with tools to move the raw material bar ,at the same time it removes the material to create the programmed shape CNC turned parts according the customer’s drawing.We also called this process “subtraction machining” ,as a result it involves material removal.

    CNC Turning

    Aluminum Parts

    CNC Turning

    Stainless Steel Parts

    CNC Turning

    Brass Parts

    The turning process uses computer-generated programs , its products tend to high dimensional accuracy.If the turning center has milling capabilities also, at the same time we can stop the rotation to make it for milling out material for other shapes.Therefore, we can determine the design requirements which machining operation with the CNC  system program.It allowing you accord customer design requirements to produce the prototypes or parts .

    Likewise,MLS has offered CNC turning services for years ,owing to our working team with rich experiences engineers and machinists who work with our quality control to ensure all our products are 100% done right and meet all the required standards details. Whether one piece or one thousand pieces parts, we can create them quickly and cost-effectively through the CNC turning process.

    Shapes of CNC Turning 

    CNC turning machining produce round or cylindrical parts , although it work started with round material as usually, however, the material can be both squares or hexagons.It can work in various processes required and quickly adapt to different material . Meanwhile, various types of rotary surfaces can be processed with this turning service in MLS, such as external and internal turning, taper turning,  facing, parting, grooving, drilling, knurling, boring, reaming, threading, etc.

    Inner and Outer Diameters Turning

    Machining precise cylindrical features round parts,CNC turning center with tooling options, however it can stop the bar rotation and add other features on the work-piece like drilled holes, grooves and milled on the material as well.For the first, there are many different tooling options in the MLS CNC turning center, such us outer diameter limitations, spindle options, power and speed capabilities that affect the processing  types of turned parts economically.

    CNC Turning
    CNC Turning

    Parting and Grooving

    Machining for parting off material from the work-piece, or cutting a “groove” profile in either the internal or external part of the work-piece,CNC turning not only use a single-point cutting tool to create a deep groove in the material, but it also remove its internal components, it results in the production of parts or the cutting off the originals.

    Boring and Reaming

    In order to process highly accurate diameters, the CNC turning can either enlarge or do the finishing of existing holes as well.

    Computer-controlled a turret which tools mounted on, more tools that the turret can hold, the more options are available for machining complexities on the turn parts.


    A thread is a helical groove with a specific length and pitch on a cylindrical part.The tool moves round along the side of the material and cuts the groove onto the external parts at the same time .

    Applications Of CNC Turning Machining And Parts

     A Processing Used Widely To Produce Medical Parts

    MedicalMedical equipment has become an essential field of modern medicine.For the plastic parts, at the beginning, the factory need open the mold, the CNC turning is a processing used widely to produce the mold parts.Owing to lots of metal pars in medical equipment like round parts ,so that we can use the CNC turning center directly.It can meet the highly precision required.Besides,MLS provides customers with a variety of medical machining parts for a long time result in we are the good option in your chosen.

    A Important Part of Machining In Electronic Functions

    Electronics-Precision parts are easy to high the products’ value. Due to consumer electronic functions continue to innovate day by day, and the products’ design tends to be thin and artistic. Therefore, precision components demand in the electronic industry continues to increase fast.Additionally, the CNC turning process is a important part of the precision machining, in a word ,it is a good way to improve either machining efficiency and precision, then make the products have competitive advantage in market.

    Used Very Frequently In Producing Automobile Parts

    AutomotiveWith the development of new energy vehicles, due to the structure of new energy and traditional fuel vehicles are completely different. Therefore, automobile manufacturers need to process a large number of parts in line with the production of new energy vehicles. Owing to the complexity of the processed parts, so CNC turning processing is used very frequently in automobile parts.Besides, it is both in the accuracy and efficiency of the advantages of automobile enterprises in the market competition to bring great advantages.

    Various Parts Made With By CNC Turning Process In Aerospace Industry

    Aerospace-Rocket parts require precision engineering,CNC turning is the process that can do such precision process for engineering .Various parts made with by turning process in aerospace for Space X rockets ,which the rocket parts require precise engineering.

    In aerospace, CNC machining is used to manufacture high-precision, complex parts such as turbine blades, engine components and instrument panels.This technology produce the parts with complex geometries and tight tolerances, which are essential features of aerospace parts manufacturing, and it is a important part of CNC machining.

    CNC Turning
    CNC Turning
    CNC Turning
    CNC Turning

    What Are The Three Main Motions In CNC Turning

    The following main motions occur during the CNC turning process:

    Rotation: During the turning, the work-piece is constantly rotating and turning during the cutting process as well.

    Straight Motion: The tool moves in a parallel configuration against the work-piece in a straight line which it can achieve cutting of the material.

    Penetration: The tool cuts pieces of the material as it penetrates, which determine the depth of cut.

    Products  After CNC Turning Working

    As a matter of fact CNC turning is an efficient method to manufacture round shaped components from plastic or metal bars, such as machining for shafts, worms.

    Machining Parts

    CNC turning machines are ideal for machining round or cylindrical parts. It creates these shape parts not only be quickly, but it also be high accurately and excellent repeatability.

    Range of Machining Processes

    Generally used for parts of a cylindrical shape, because CNC turning can still be used to carry out varies of cuts, such us drilling, boring, threading and knurling.

    Is The Part Well Fit for CNC Turning?

    A lot of factors go into determining if a part can be manufactured with the most cost-effectively on a specific CNC turning center, then some points we can consider as following:

    The volume of parts and time are allowed? CNC turning centers are generally good for prototypes and short-time small volumes.It is a good way from drawing design to be life.

    What is the largest outer diameters of the part ? For the MLS CNC turned parts machining, the maximum outer diameter of the bar feed-capable parts is 2.5.”

    While the part’s outer diameter over 2.5″ ,it should be chucked individually, it will contribute to the price, it depending on the volumes as well.

    Then for the part’s outer diameter under 1.25″ and medium to high volume, it may be better fit for the Swiss screw machining.

    If the process part can be made both on CNC turning center and Swiss Screw Machine, the engineers will consider the project volume and lead-time  for making the best way on which to process.

    Although, there are a lot of variables and options, when it comes to machining parts.MLS precision machining manufacture can help you chose the best way for your parts. Any inquiry about parts machining ,please feel free to contact us with your requirements.