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A trusted partner for expediting our customers’ product development projects via a range of custom mold design, rapid prototype, and volume production services.

    Design & Prototyping Service In MLS

    A rough idea comes in your mind, or you just have a simple sketch, please feel free to contact us for an interactive dialogue (link of Facebook / WhatsApp): MLS Mold provides not only rapid prototype, low and high volumes production runs, but also custom mold design services. Our design team is very professional at understanding your project pursuit and concept of custom machined parts. Also, they know very clearly how to transit theory into viable and provide cost effective custom parts solutions.
    A rough idea comes in your mind, or you just have a simple sketch, please feel free to contact us for an interactive dialogue (link of Facebook / WhatsApp). MLS Mold provides not only rapid prototype, low and high volumes production runs, but also custom mold design services. Our design team is very professional at understanding your project pursuit and concept of custom machined parts. Also, they know very clearly how to transit theory into viable and provide cost effective custom parts solutions.
    CNC machining shops are committed to simplifying the molding process from part design, prototype development, jig and fixture tooling programming, and CNC machining service. MLS precision machining company has hired skilled engineers with an average over 12 years of experience. And our CNC machining shop asks them to lead projects from custom mold design to rapid prototyping and volume production. So, we can complete every detail from initial communication. And any comment or modification demanded from customer/professors has no any commission.

    About custom CNC parts sample making, we have four steps.

    First of all, confirming 3D CAD files of custom machined parts with the customer.
    Then, T0 proto sample provided, and we will have a meeting with the customer. And discuss the details of the CNC machined part, compare it with drawings and comments required.
    After that, it comes to T1 sample process. The skilled design and tooling engineer will provide a more precise custom parts sample based on comments of last step.
    Finally, T2 may be the confirmation sample. But if the T2 sample cannot be verified and the T3 required, the T3 sample will be confirmation sample. Later, the high volumes production of custom CNC parts follows all the details with the confirmation sample.

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    If 3D CAD files or existing samples are ready.

    These will be vital data to request a quote from us. We can provide instant quotes with relevant information or details required list of the samples or custom CNC machined parts. And the list shows machined part materials, size, tolerance requirements, and so on. Our machining centers focus on providing a seamless transition from custom mold design services, rapid prototyping to production until quality control. There is the same project engineer leading the whole process, and all in-house. If your custom mould part design is ready, MLS team will work with you directly to do a swift and cost effective process.

    MLS provides one-stop precision automation equipment and custom mold parts manufacturing and customization. In machining centers, there are a wide range of precision machined parts, precision stamping die parts, plastic injection mold parts, customized circular parts, and standard mold spare parts. Please refer to the samples we have made in our Products Gallery.
    Early and frequent communication is vital to get satisfying custom molds and consumer products. With the guiding of “Quality & Trust”, rapid and efficient development leads a high quality mass production. We work with the client to define the custom mold products and drive the project to achieve the following key points.
    – Ensure the primary feature and function
    – Specify the raw material of the machined component
    – Simplify the manufacturing process of custom moulds
    – Minimize the custom mold cost of jig and tooling
    – Easy assembling and maintaining
    – Quality Assurance
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    Prototype Materials Chosen:

    1: Well understand the CNC turning or CNC milling requirements.

    Limitation of the CNC turning or CNC milling part size and quality.
    Working conditions of the custom CNC machined parts or components. For example, vibration, impact, work temperature, speed, max load, and so on.
    The critical points of the custom machined parts and relative importance to overall reliability.

    2: Process machining capabilities.

    Our machine shop supports original molds manufacturing (casting, cutting board, cutting rod, forging). Also, we provide metal CNC machining service, heat treatment, surface finishes, etc.

    3: Cost effective machining needs.

    For material usage, we try to use substitutes. And they can replace expensive rare materials used in prototype process.

    Understanding The Features And Manufacturing Process From The Start of Custom Mold Design.

    custom mold and design

    1. Foresee the process by custom mold and design.

    Mechanical custom mold design runs through the whole process. From design for manufacturability, producing, use, and maintenance.

    In the custom CNC metal machining parts design process, it has a great effect on manufacturing. That’s also to say, the custom mold and design for manufacturability is best. As we all know, the more understanding of production, the more conductive to improve the level of custom mold design services. There are lots of problems during the drawing check and crafting of custom machine parts. Even it includes the so-called senior or chief engineer. They take out the drawings, which are the results after repeated discussions. Of course, there are a wide range of reasons from different aspects. For example, the standardization of the drawing, the level of the viewer and so on. But the main reason is design teams don’t have deep understanding of the manufacturing process.

    2. Pre-active and don’t be hesitate to investigate.

    Mechanical design is often inseparable from their own experience and the accumulation of knowledge. We can indeed learn a lot from books, but it is difficult to leave a deep impression in our minds without attending to others’ experiences. We do not have a specific foundation to understand and absorb others’ experiences. So we can use our heads and hands and will not wait for others to solve our problems. After our thinking and failed to solve the problem to consult others, so the understanding of the problem and experience will not be the same.

    3. Design institute will inherit and innovate.

    In designing, we should not only stand based on machined parts manufacturing but also innovate and learn to inherit. Nowadays, the whole society emphasizes innovation, but we should not despise the original . We can’t throw out the old for the sake of innovation. We emphasize innovation, but we should not forget inheritance. Only inheritance without innovation is conformism, while only innovation without inheritance is castles in the air.

    custom mold and design

    4. Design for maintenance.

    Good design never ignores maintenance. In a large production line, the critical equipment, we will make the regular maintenance two times a year. Still, every the unloaded eight large pieces of equipment, driving forklift truck jack crow thrown weapon is not enough to use. Also, professors take their unique brain begin to play a few to use special belongings to serve, lead to the loss of production. Besides, it has exceeded the value of the device itself, is a wordless ending. A set of large equipment only because of the replacement of an oil seal will almost completely decompose the whole machine. The use of the unit will have an excellent opinion on the design, this is also the designer’s pain point.

    5. Design with your ideas and style.

    To imitate the excellent work is the way for every designer. But do a design, we must have our own opinion, the person also should have his own distinct individual character, for a long time, formed own style, the style’s nurturance and a person’s artistic accomplishment and personal accomplishment have direct relation. Cave their design concept, style, is not the same. The expert sees to know, and this is the work of the heart.

    6. Injection mold design

    For example, our design teams help the customer to make injection molds for plastic parts. There are many problems we should focus on in the design and manufacturing of the plastic injection molding process. At first, propose a proper plastic injection mold structure plan, make the design for manufacturability according to the manufacturing capabilities. Secondly, correctly calculate the injection molding plastic parts. It has a great relationship with the surface finishes and the quality. Thirdly, it should be convenient to produce a plastic mold. Fourthly, it should be safe and reliable, also has high efficiency. As we all know, the durability of plastic injection molding parts affects the whole mould. So, the precision mold parts should be durable. Finally, the injection mold design needs to apply with the plastic parts forming properties to make high quality products.

    How To Determine The Understanding Of Manufacturing Molds?

    The easiest way to do this is to grab a drawing of something you designed, and you can tell how it was made.
    Casting, forging, rolling, pliers, milling, planing, grinding, just like these, in the machinery factory for a few years who does not know? We must subdivide and understand each process comprehensively. How do casting time parting and how put gate riser? Know the kinds of casting defects, parts structure at the time of heat treatment will not lead to unexpected happens, and how to optimize on parts structure, machining process, virtual in mind.
    The total quantity of a knife, rotational speed, feed, even iron looks at where to fly, using the order of the knife, turner, miller, the operation of the grinder movement, and so on. Does engage in the design must be able to play lathe, milling CNC machines, and burn electric welding? No, when we design, we have to know these characteristics work and fully considered these in the design.

    In the process of design, avoiding some unreasonable structures, it much improved the quality of design. It is not enough, a decade who have eight years length of service technicians can come up with more mature than the details of the plan (although the whole design, they can’t do it), but how many sleepless nights designed just such an outcome.
    The best solution is to read more books and take the books experiences to the working process. Knowing what others summarize is usually combined with production and is the result of painstaking efforts.
    Our skilled get learning much experience from the Japanese in precision CNC-machining parts, together with their working experience in workshops and books, they will be more knowing design between communication. Contact our engineer to get a design idea or request instant quotes.
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