Centerless Grinding

Cylindrical parts processed by centerless grinders are popular in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, and electronics,with grinding materials such as metal, plastics, and ceramics.

    What Is Centerless Grinding?

    Centerless grinding is a machining process which useful to precise dimensions and surface finishes for cylindrical parts and components.

    It is a precision grinding of cylindrical parts by rotating a pair of grinding wheel to grind the workpiece, during the working process without using workpiece axis positioning like traditional grinding methods.

    The Main Elements of The Centreless Grinding Process :

    1.Abrasive Grinding Wheel:removes material from the workpiece.

    2.Regulating Wheel or Control Wheel: controls the speed and feed of the workpiece, while the grinding wheel removes material from the workpiece.

    3.Work Rest Blade: support the work piece between the two moving wheels, which ensures that the workpiece keeps centered during the grinding process.

    How Does Centerless Grinder Work?

    In the centreless grinding process, the workpiece is positioned on the rest blade between two wheels – a grinding wheel and a control wheel. The grinding wheel rotates at a high speed to remove material from the workpiece while the regulating wheel rotates at a slower speed to  controls the speed and feed of the workpiece.

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    How To Choose The Grinding Wheel and Regulating Wheel In Centress Grinding?

    The maximum outer diameter and width of the grinding and control wheels are determined by the centreless grinder machine size.For centerless grinder, it needs to choose a grinding wheel with moderate hardness. Generally,grinding wheel hardness levels are A, B, C, D, E and F. A and B are soft grinding wheels, C and D are medium hardness grinding wheels, and E and F are hard grinding wheels. Mostly centerless grinding is suitable for use with grinding wheels of hardness C and D. The regulating wheel is made of rubber bond, slightly harder than the grinding wheel, and its’ width same as the grinding wheel.

    How To Select The Grit Size of Grinding Wheel Grit Size?

    In the grinding process, the choice of grinding wheel grit size is quite important, coarse-grained wheels are often used for grinding roughing, can only be processed for less demanding workpieces. Generally in processing in order to speed up the grinding speed, the first processing of workpieces with large processing volume will use this method. This is due to the characteristics of its processing speed is relatively fast, but the surface finish of the workpiece is inferior.

    The workpieces processed by fine-grained grinding wheels have high precision, and their processing speed is slower. The workpieces processed have high finish, and if the grain size is selected appropriately, a mirror effect can be achieved. Therefore, the choice of centerless grinding wheel is to be based on the technical requirements of the workpiece technology specific selection

    Principle Of Centerless Grinding.

    The rotation of the grinding wheel and the control wheel is the same, the rotation speed of the grinding wheel is faster than the guide wheel, which is 70~80 times of the guide wheel’s speed. The friction between the control wheel and the workpiece is greater than the friction between the grinding wheel and workpiece. Then in the processing, the workpiece will be driven by the control wheel to rotate in the opposite direction of the grinding wheel. The direction of rotation of the workpiece is opposite to the direction of rotation of the grinding wheel, thus the grinding wheel grinds the workpiece by opposing motion.The speed of their rotation relative to each other determines the rate at which material is removed from the workpiece.

    The distance between the grinding machine spindle and the grinding wheel is always kept constant, while the workpiece is brought closer to the grinding wheel by rotation, and the grinding process is carried out under the action of the grinding wheel. Since the movement of the grinding wheel is generated by the combined action of two forces, the cutting force and the elastic deformation force, then they can guarantee high grinding precision.

    The Application of Centerless Grinding

    Cylindrical parts processed by centerless grinders are popular in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, and electronics,with grinding materials such as metal, plastics, and ceramics.

    As centerless grinding does not require center positioning during processing, it reduces the unnecessary operations during the machining operation. At the same time, it is suitable for high-volume production runs, which grind parts quickly and efficiently with minimal set-up time.

    1.Shaft Parts and Components

    For example, bearings, universal joints, crankshafts, etc., need to be ground to a high degree of radial and axial accuracy in order to achieve better utilization.

    For the processing of transmission shafts, spindles, clutch shafts, etc. for automobiles, motorcycles, airplanes, ships, etc., it is necessary to achieve high-precision machining requirements by using a centerless grinder.

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    Cylindrical Shaft



    2.Automotive Parts and Components

    Automotive parts are another important field for centerless grinding machine processing. For example, automobile engine crankshafts, rocker arms, camshafts and other precision parts need to be processed with high precision using centerless grinding machines to ensure the reliability and efficiency of the engine.

    3.Aero-engine Components

    It is more and more widely used in various parts such as aero-engine bearing housings, bearing housings mounting holes, bearing outer rings, and so on.

    The machining requirements of aero-engine parts are very high and must meet the requirements of high strength and high precision. Centerless grinding machine as one of the important processing machines.


    4.Mold processing industry

    Mold is an indispensable tool in industrial production, centerless grinder processing mold has the advantages of high processing efficiency and high processing precision. Centerless grinder can process complex plastic molds, deep hole molds, extraction molds and other parts of the mold.

    5.Medical Devices

    Medical devices require high precision and reliability, and centerless grinders have important applications as one of the most important machines for processing precision medical devices, such as surgical tools and various medical catheters.

    Precision Grinding Services Provided By MLS

    When you need precision grinding services for your products, it’s important to find a supplier that offers high-quality products and reliable service.
    It’s important to consider a few points to make sure that you choose the right supplier for your needs. First, look for a supplier that specializes in the type of grinding you required. Whether you require centerless grinding, OD grinding, or ID grinding, it’s important to find a supplier that has experience and expertise to provide you a best way for your products.
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